You can earn recurring income with us in two ways.


Our shares offer three ways to earn money:

  • Dividend payments
    At the end of each calendar year, dividends are distributed on the company's profits.
  • Compensation fund
    As a shareholder with a partner license, you receive a share of the equalization fund at the same time as the dividends. The partner bonuses that would actually be paid out to a partner partner who does not qualify for this payment are paid into this fund. This means that the premiums for levels 5 to 7 of the Basic Partner and all levels without partner qualification are paid into the fund.
  • Price gains
    After the start of public share trading, you can sell the shares freely. The starting price will be $ 2.00 per share.
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SourceWeb Partnership

As an Basic Partner, you will receive a commission over 4 levels on all sales referred by you or one of your partners. As a Premium Partner, you even receive commission over 7 levels.

  • Participation in product sales
    You receive commissions on all product sales of your customers and the customers of your downline in accordance with the remuneration plan.
  • Participation in partner licenses
    You also receive the commission on the partner license of your partners and the entire downline.
  • Participation in the share issue
    You also receive full participation in the initial issue of shares for your entire downline.
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