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Why IT security checks are important

In today's digital world, companies are constantly exposed to threats. Cyber attacks, data leaks and security breaches can have a devastating impact on your business. It is therefore essential to carry out regular IT security checks.

Our services

Our experienced team offers comprehensive IT security audits to protect your business. Here are some of our services:

  • Penetration testing
    We simulate attacks on your systems to identify and fix vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability scans
    We scan your networks and applications for known vulnerabilities.

  • Compliance checks
    We ensure that your company complies with the applicable security standards.

What we offer

Our IT systems are among the most secure in the world and our banking systems are regularly audited by independent auditors and pass every security check.

Our employees have many years of experience in IT security and have already been responsible for the administration of server systems for medium-sized and large banks.

We check all your IT systems that are accessible via the Internet for security vulnerabilities due to outdated software, your websites for vulnerabilities due to XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL injection, brute force attacks, errors in the implementation of SSL certificates and similar vulnerabilities.

We do not need any access data to your systems and do not use any malware (viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.). We check your externally accessible systems for all known vulnerabilities.

And because we are confident in our abilities, you can commission us not only for a small flat fee, but also for a success fee. If your systems are secure, you don't have to pay anything.

In any case, once the audit is complete, you will receive a detailed report detailing any gaps found, a recommendation for action and the general condition of your IT.

Advantages of our services

  • Risk mitigation
    By identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities, you minimize the risk of security breaches.
  • Trust
    Customers and partners trust companies that take their security seriously.
  • Cost savings
    Early detection of security problems saves costs in the long term.

The reliability of your IT systems is business-critical

Imagine your website, online store or server systems being taken over by hackers.

In the best case scenario, your IT and websites would only be offline for a few hours or days. However, it is much more likely that the hackers would have stolen all customer data, price lists, credit card information of your customers, etc... and encrypted all your servers and backups and would extort a ransom. If you don't pay, not only would all your company's data be permanently lost, but the entire business data would often be offered for sale to competitors or published by the hackers on the internet for everyone to see.

You would be obliged to inform all customers about the data theft and would lose their trust and therefore a significant proportion of your customers inone fell swoop.

It is not uncommon for such an incident to mean the definitive end of the company.

Hire us to ensure that this does not happen.

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